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About the book

Wow! What a revelation. 38 Reasons for Unanswered Prayers? This may come as a surprise to the many people who did not think it was possible for any one thing to prevent their prayers from being answered, much less 38. Seeing is believing.

Wondering Why Your Prayers Aren’t Answered?

This soul-stirring, eye-opening, thought-provoking book is a must-read. I promise you, it will keep you on the edge of your seat anxiously waiting to turn the pages. In this book you will discover the things that have been hindering you from walking in your calling, plunging into destiny and fulfilling your purpose. These things are referred to as the little foxes that spoil the vines. They will sabotage your journey, depriving you of eternal life if you do not pay attention. As insignificant as they seem, individuals are faced with these real-life situations on a daily basis, not knowing how detrimental they can be to their Christian walk or their relationship with Jesus Christ. Evangelist Jasmine Gordon laid it all out, holding nothing back. All 38 reasons are backed up by the scriptures. After reading this book, you will be forced to do some deep cleaning of the soul. Learn how to identify the reasons for unanswered prayers. Do your friends and family a favor, get them a copy or two.

What you will gain from this book

An empowering resource that transforms lives

You will be encouraged

This book is written to encourage, enlighten, empower, uplift you and help you develop a more intimate relationship with God.


You will find direction

This book is a roadmap which will show you how to be prepared and stay ready to inherit eternal life with Jesus Christ.


You will gain greater awareness

This book will reveal the most ignored sins that we commit, bringing awareness to the things that could hinder our relationship with Christ.

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Prayers For Health and Restoration

Please allow me to share with you SEVEN of my strategic, transformational prayers from my forthcoming book release "Daily Restorational."

  • Prayer To Restore Strength
  • Prayer To Restore Lost Opportunities
  • Prayer To Restore Your Marriage
  • Prayer To Restore Your Family
  • Prayer To Restore Your Finance
  • Prayer For Your Child or Children

These are prayers that will move the hand of God on your behalf and paralyze the works of the enemy assigned against your health and possessions. Release your FAITH and declare RESTORE! In Jesus' name.

Evangelist Jasmine

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Meet the Author

Transforming lives through the power of her pen


Jasmine Gordon

Jasmine was born as Nichole Gordon on the island of Jamaica. She is the eight of nine children. Her talents span many fields. She is the founder of Ministries Without Boundaries International, a non-profit organization that caters to the material needs of others. Since 2011, she has hosted an annual banquet and concert on both Mother’s Day and Father's Day, which brings smiles to the families in her community. As an Evangelist and a Chaplain, Jasmine strongly believes that, once someone’s earthly needs are met, they will be more inclined to hear God's messages of love and hope....

What is the BUZZ on the street about 38 Reasons

Evangelist Jasmine Gordon has done it again! What a power exposition and in-depth look at the commonly overlooked factors the keep our prayers from being answered. With calculated intentions and biblical scholarship, Evangelist Gordon has presented a transformational thesis that's sure to empower the prayer life of the newly converted and every life-long disciples of Christ, as well as those seeking to draw closer to God in greater intimacy and commitment.

I highly recommend you add this book to your library.

Tarsha Campbell
Tarsha Campbell - Author, Empowerment Speaker & Certified Coach

What is the BUZZ on the street about 38 Reasons

Hi Sis Jasmine, I have to first tell you that obedience is better than sacrifice. Thank you for your obedience to God for writing this soul-stirring, mind baffling, heart-changing, readers guide. I am not a reader, but  when I got my copy of the 38 Reasons in hand, I heard clearly  in my spirit, "YOU  MUST BE PRAYED UP TO RECEIVE what you're about to read." Saints in Christ, after reading the first chapter on ANGER, I truly believe that this is God giving us another chance to do some deep soul searching.This is an opportunity for us to look within and get rid of the little foxes that are destroying our spiritual vines, causing us to be disconnected from the Holy Spirit and our Father. Anyone who read this book and remains the same, their conscience is already seared with a hot iron. I Have been propelled and inspired to break up my follow-ground.

Sheron Whyne
Sheron Whyne

What is the BUZZ on the street about 38 Reasons

Evangelist Jasmine Gordon has painstakingly written this remarkable book about 38 Reasons for Unanswered Prayers. The table of content will possibly intimidate even the well-learned Bible scholar; however, there is strength to be gained when the reader dives into the meat of each reason for unanswered prayer. This book will be useful in small group settings, prayer groups meetings or for individuals who just want to become serious about praying with the purpose of getting answers for heartfelt prayers. This book provides 38 overwhelming reasons why prayers may not be answered. Evangelist Gordon truly will open the reader’s mind to the “little foxes that spoil the vineyards.” I recommend that you gift this book to friends, family members, prayer leaders, and others who are searching for a meaningful prayer life.

Alex Johnstone
Alex Johnstone, President/Founder, SOSSF, Inc

What is the BUZZ on the street about 38 Reasons

I do not consider myself a reader.  However, this book  "38 Reasons For Unanswered Prayers"  gave me the desire to read. After reading the first chapter,  it provoked my conscience and piqued my curiosity. Now, I have no more excuses for my behavior. Without a doubt, I know this book will be a life-changing tool for me. As I journeyed along this Christian pathway, I will have God sent manual, along with my bible, to hold onto. The words in this book are so powerful, like a sharp sword, they pierce the core of my soul. I encourage you to get a few copies for your friends, families, and even your enemies.  God wants them to be saved as well.

Joy Dodd
Joy Gordon

What is the BUZZ on the street about 38 Reasons

This book thoroughly examines 38 reasons you could be missing out on God's blessing upon your life. Gordon will very compassionately lead you through these physical and emotional and spiritual barriers that can get in the way of God bringing fulfillment to your life. Only when our lives are fully surrendered to Him, in all areas, will God fully indwell us.

Addressing these reasons (whether just one or many) may take time and courage to break generational curses and lies you have accepted from others and from yourself. But it will bring you freedom from the world's trappings, lies, and deceit, and bring you fully within the embrace of God's love.

Darlene Oakley
Darlene Oakley

What is the BUZZ on the street about 38 Reasons

From start to finish, "38 Reasons for Unanswered Prayers" guides the reader to Truth--the Word of God-- that frees! I found this Guide to be informative, enlightening, and motivating. It definitely, equips the sincere seeker of this Truth to, faithfully, examine himself or herself as to how to, daily, walk or run worthy in this race out of bondage and slavery that we ALL participate in for the prize of the high calling of God (Philippians 3:14). This book, scripturally, illustrates and, clearly, defines each reason for unanswered prayer. However, it does not just tell you what unrighteous or unholy "garment" to pull off; but it also, scripturally, points the reader to the exodus OUT of these bondage/slavery reasons for unanswered prayers. This Guide is a great Bible reference book with prayers that will advance you toward a victorious, winning life in Christ! - Love, Ruby P

Pastor Ruby
Ruby Porter

Quotes from the book

Reason #1
Open book

“Anger is a choice. You choose when and where to express it. Therefore, you can decide to keep it on life support, or you can pull the plug and let it die.

Getting rid of anger is a challenge,

but it is doable.”

Reason #2
Open book

“Did you know that while you are talking about who is wearing this, who is living in sin, who is not Godly, and who is going to hell, you are committing sin? You are gossiping, judging, criticizing, and being malicious. How do you think God feels about such behavior? ”

Reason #3
Open book

“Bestiality is on the rise. It’s trending as if it’s this best thing on earth. Throughout multiple reports on various news channels about individuals caught in the act of bestiality, all reporters classify bestiality as either a criminal act, crime, animal abuse..."