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About the Author

Jasmine was born as Nichole Gordon on the island of Jamaica. She is the eight of nine children. Her talents span many fields. She is the founder of Ministries Without Boundaries International, a non-profit organization that caters to the material needs of others. Since 2011, she has hosted an annual banquet and concert on both Mother’s Day and Father's Day, which brings smiles to the families in her community. As an Evangelist and a Chaplain, Jasmine strongly believes that, once someone’s earthly needs are met, they will be more inclined to hear God's messages of love and hope.

Despite maintaining such a busy schedule, Jasmine finds time to engage in her “secular ministries,” which include nursing, coaching, consulting, and developing online courses. She is also a radio personality, the CEO and owner of a very successful assisted living facility, and the author of three published books, titled: Fear Not! There is Still Power in Prayer and 38 Reasons for Unanswered Prayers and Daily Restorational: 52 Weeks of Devotion. Moreover, Jasmine is an entrepreneur who empowers and coaches individuals in the health field as well as everyday men and women who are hungry for change and wish to maximize their full potential. Using her online courses, workshops, conferences, seminars, and retreats, she guides and supports clients across the world.

Jasmine is also the proud mother of a 32-year-old son and grandmother of a 4-year-old grandson. She presently resides in Palm Bay, Florida, where she often plans and coordinates uplifting events for the community. Jasmine makes a habit of guiding, encouraging, and empowering others. She strives to see the potential for greatness in other people and illuminates their capabilities. Jasmine feels most content when those around her are transformed and lead fulfilling lives. Those who know Jasmine and have been influenced by her presence or her ministries understand the philanthropic impact she can have in her community. Jasmine is a trailblazer and woman of profound strength and resilience. What will she do next?